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Yet there remains an allegiance to the idea of using marginal lands to graze ruminants for consumption. Example sentences with "marginal land", translation memory Of course, the majority of this is marginal land. A supplement is payable for cows maintained on marginal land. productivity so it is probably only feasible on marginal lands.

Marginal land

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1 carbon sequestration in the United States. 2. Isaac Emery†, Steffen Mueller‡,  27 Aug 2019 Abandoned Land. Part of abandoned land used in this project is termed 'marginal ' mainly due to socio-economic constraints. These constraints  To achieve food and energy security, sustainable bioenergy has become an important goal for many countries.

av KÅ Aronsson · 1994 · Citerat av 31 — an aid in the interpretation of marginal human interference from fossil pollen data prehistoric semi-nomadic settlements shows a similar pattern of land-use.

support for local initiatives in marginal areas - econstor

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The Marginal Areas Program increases your profits while farming fewer acres. It provides a financial incentive to seed those hard-to-access   (1) A county may allow the following uses to be established on land designated as marginal land under ORS 197.247 (1991 Edition):. (a) Intensive farm or forest   Australian Marginal Lands Committee. The nearest seen that the marginal land problem in New. South Wales proaches to the study of marginal lands, and. Cite this article. LAIRD, P. Problems of Marginal Land Farming. Nature 168, 457– 458 (1951).

< b>Note: the blank cells in these two spreadsheets mean  29 Nov 2012 ❖ Land use change: Conversion of marginal land to production land must not jeopardize environmental motivation of growing biomass crops.
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or Marginal land could possibly be used to produce biofuel since it could be used to produce marginal land definition: 1. land that is found on the edge of cultivated areas and is often difficult to grow crops on 2….

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